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Branded Facebook Application for Group Gifts

Our social ecommerce platform for Group Gifts helps online retailers to leverage their shoppers’ social buying experience. This B2B Platform offers online retailers, marketplaces and gift stores an opportunity to tap into their customers social graph by letting friends to chip in for each other’s gifts while shopping at their favorite ecommerce websites.

Many large brands are interested in growing their presence on Facebook, the world’s largest social platform. As part of our one-stop-shop solutions, we create a fully branded Facebook Application that helps you drive new users to your ecommerce site. Your new Group Gifting service integrated with Facebook will boost your brand with new viral channels and enable your loyal shoppers to bring their friends and family from social networks directly to your site.

What’s in it for you?

  • Tap into your shoppers’ social graph
  • Provide lasting value beyond a one-time gifting experience
  • Grow your fan base on Facebook Pages
  • Drive new users to your site
  • Create new viral channels
  • Increase engagement with your retailing site
  • Enhance your customers’ shopping experience
  • Make your brand social, and gift-buying efficient and fun!

How it works?

  1. First, the organizer starts a Group Gift on your eCommerce site by selecting the lucky receiver and the occasion for the gift.
  2. Once the organizer finds the perfect gift, they input the amount of money they wish to personally contribute, fill in their PayPal account information in order to collect the rest of the amount, and the contribution deadline.
  3. The next step is inviting friends and relatives to participate in the gifting hoopla either through social networks or email invitations.

Organizer can also publish the gift using Facebook newsfeeds or Twitter feeds inviting more people to participate. For example:

Fellow gift-givers get invitations to their messages inbox on Facebook or they see the newsfeed published by the organizer on the Facebook wall.

4. Friends who click on the Facebook newsfeed are redirected to the Facebook Application where they can contribute towards the gift via PayPal or with a credit or debit card.

The money each person contributes is confidential to all but the Group Gift organizer. Participants can also invite more friends, sign a communal greeting card or start their own Group Gift on your site.