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Group Gifts Analytics

Group Gifts Analytics™ brand new reporting system gives more visibility into how the Group Gifting Platform is performing on your site. With our comprehensive analytics dashboard, retailers are capable to track performance and revenue they have gained from the extra traffic, and purchases shoppers and their friends have made on the site.

What can you learn from Group Gifts Analytics™?

  • How many new users Group Gifting brings and how many friends each user brings along?
  • How many gifts were created, and how many of them were purchased?
  • What are the prime Group Gifting occasions?
  • What is the frequency of user visits to the site during the Group Gifting campaign, and number of actions they make?
  • How much higher is your average ticket price with Group Gifting than the general sales?
  • How many of the new users purchase additional items, and what is the added value?
  • Who are my new customers – demographics?

Group Gifts Analytics™ Dashboard

The dashboard gives you a snapshot of the Group Gifting performance. It contains detailed reports of everything you need to know, including web analytics, user demographics, revenue, merchandizing, engagement and viral. These detailed reports can be presented on a daily/weekly/monthly breakdown and sorted by predefined criteria.

Web analytics

Measurement of the entry points to the Group Gifting functionality on your site, conversion rates of each entry point, visits to the Group Gifting site, Click-Through rate (the percentage of people who clicked on Group Gifting button/banner), total traffic.

User demographics

Facebook Connect functionality helps you get detailed reports pointing out the age groups, gender, education, status, location, interests, likes and more. Demographics can be different for the organizer and the contributors to the gift. This information helps you to better target the messaging on the promotions.


This report is broken into total amount of Group Gift sales, average price of each Group Gift, average participation level of the users (contributors). With premium analytics functionality, you can also learn how many purchases make all invited Gifters on your site outside the Group Gifting functionality and their total value.


Presents the top most selected products for Group Gifting, sorted by occasion types, pricing ranges, product categories, and the way users search for gifts.

Engagement and Group Gifting

Top gifting occasions, frequency of user visits to the site during the Group Gifting campaign, # of opened group gifts, % of public/private campaigns, % of canceled gifts, % of purchased gifts, % of users who connected to Facebook, average gift price, average time to complete funding and # of fully funded gifts.


How many users invite their friends and number of actions they make on the site, what channels are the most effective, how many new users come from invitations and more.

Smart Analytics

In addition to displaying valuable data and graphs, we can also provide you with insights based on the analyzed data and help retailers to create new marketing & promotional opportunities. For example: the top products that should be displayed/promoted, what filters are the most important (gift price, category) or what entry points create the most value. With Smart Analytics, we can help you improve Group-Gifting performance over time.